Overnight Oatmeal

So a while back I was watching one of my favorite food shows Good Eats and Alton had a recipe for cooking overnight oatmeal. I tried it and it came out okay. I think it may have been Erin that suggested another method. I’m not exactly sure what the recipe was from that but It comes down to instead of cooking it directly in the crock pot basin, it suggested using a water bath cooking method. This is the way I’ve been making it.

I used 1/2 cup of the oats and a little less than 3 cups of milk.I like to add a splash of cold milk to cool it off when I’m ready to eat it. I place it in a glass bowl then put it inside the crock bowl. Then add water till its almost level with the glass bowl, set it to low, add the lid and cook overnight. I found this crock pot and got it specifically for cooking this. It is way smaller than the other one I have. When I make it just for myself, I add the dried fruit while cooking. Otherwise I add it after.
It comes out thicker than this out of the bowl. I added milk and Cranberries this morning. I usually add apricots also but I was out of them. I talked with Erin this morning and she suggested trying almond milk instead of dairy. Another idea would be to use soy milk instead. Ill try those next time and update.
Last night while prepping my a.m. oatmeal I used Sweetened Vanilla Almond milk instead of dairy. I found the new liquid to use with my oats. The steel cut oats already have a nutty flavor to them as is. The Almond milk added even greater depth to it. Here is the way i made it this time.
I made half the amount as the previous night. Thanks Erin for the tip!
1/4 Steel Cut Oats
1 1/2 Cups of Almond milk
a small bunch of dried cranberries
3 packets of raw brown sugar.
set to low and cook using water bath method.

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