Avocado "Crab" Salad

There is a restaurant that my wife loves. It is called Too Bizaare. They have an avocado crab salad that she gets every time we visit and whenever she can get someone to stop in and get it for her. It looks pretty simple and the ingredients are listed on the menu. Still it seems like they left something off the list.

Here are all the ingredients. Crab (imitation crab), Scallion, Avocado, sesame seeds, mayo and….
 lets not forget the Sriracha chili sauce. I think this is one of the components I tasted in it.
Cleaning out the kitchen gadget drawer I found this avocado tool thing. It finally got used tonight.
The proper way to remove the pit. Punch the pit with the heal of the knife and twist. Got that? You twist it out. then pop it off by pushing it off the heal with your thumb and finger. Safety first I always say.
Who knew?? It actually works.
Mix all the ingredients. I’m not sure about the amounts or ratios. But it was a whole avocado (the big ones), 8oz of the crab, mayo depending on how creamy you like it and finally chili sauce to taste.
Last I toasted some sesame seeds and tossed them in.
Serve with a little soy sauce and enjoy. Its not exactly like the restaurants but good. Anyone have suggestions? Id love to hear them.
Ah yeah, lets not forget to throw the vegetable scraps into the compost bin. You do have one right??

2 responses to “Avocado "Crab" Salad

  1. I've only had a bite before. My wife mentioned the only thing to change next time was to use less mayo. The Sriracha sauce isn't too spicy. I used it last in a shrimp recipe Erin gave me and the girls loved it.

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