Quick Marinara Sauce

This sauce is quick and easy to make. Took about 30 minutes including cook time.
Also Basil, its still growing in the pot outside. I like to keep it fresh till the very last minute. Okay i just forgot about it till i started cooking. You add it at the very end so you get the fresh basil taste. Cooking it too long you lose the flavor. That is kosher salt in the white shaker. I add popcorn kernels to it to keep it from caking together. I tried finding Muir Glen canned tomatoes but no luck in the store i went into. So I used Hunts that were already in the pantry.
Smash the garlic and then…………
Saute in the olive oil till it starts turning slightly brown. Careful not to burn it. No one likes bitter burnt garlic in their sauce.
Throw all the ingredients into the pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
At the end throw in the chopped basil and enjoy over your favorite pasta dish. Wonder what I’ll use this on?? Keep an eye out for the next post. It will probably get used on it. This is like a TV episode, I’m building suspense. Now you’ll have to come back and check for the next post.

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