Jalapeno Poppers

This was a last minute recipe. I got an email with an easy Jalapeno Popper recipe yesterday while in the gym of all places. I’d made them in the past using the fryer method with mixed results. Most times I’d have the cheese ooze out all over and leave a mostly empty breaded fried jalapeno. This recipe uses the broiler instead of a deep dryer.
Here are all the ingredients. I grabbed the light cream cheese. I was at the gym after all and trying to make it at least a little healthier so I don’t undo to much of the effort I’d put in working out. And yes, I’m working out so I can fully enjoy the variety of dishes I plan on making.
Slice the peppers open being careful not to completely split them open removing the rib and seeds. USE GLOVES. I washed my hands several times after doing this and this morning I still managed to get some of the hot stuff in my eye.
Fill them using a plastic baggie with the corner cut off. Then slide a toothpick through it to keep them from opening up too much and I also found it helped keep them cheese side up.
I but them under the broiler middle oven rack for about 12 minutes. The recipe said around 8 but they were still a little crunchy. Next attempt will involve a bacon wrap.

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