Jalepeno Poppers Part II

This is a follow up to Alex’s earlier post. Let me preface this to say, never go to the grocery store hungry. Today, I found myself wandering the aisles without a list and thinking about these poppers Alex made earlier this week and his idea of wrapping them in bacon. The saying “snack attack” became real to me as I found myself gathering the ingredients for these… as if I didn’t have a choice! ATTACKED!

Mix cream cheese with salt and pepper until smooth. I used a little trick here by taking a quart sized plastic bag and turning it inside out. Scoop the cheese mixture into your hand that’s inside the plastic bag and then turn bag right side out. It’s just a little less messy that way.

I used gloves! Cut your peppers open in a T shape with the top of the T near the stem. Dig the rib and seeds out as best you can.

Squeeze some cheese mixture in like this. It’s easy!

Wrap jalepenos in bacon. Everything is better with bacon right?? I was a little concerned that the bacon wouldn’t crisp up but it was perfect! I was thinking that I wouldn’t need toothpicks because the bacon would hold it together. I was wrong… some of the cheese did leak out. Next time I’ll use toothpicks to keep it all together (and yes, there WILL be a next time!) I dipped them in Bolthouse Farms Chunky Blue Cheese dressing. These were really good!!


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