So this has no specific recipe. I just saw this way of cooking the bacon and decided to try it. So here it is a sandwich that always seems to help those midnight cravings.

Here they are the basic ingredients to the BLT we all enjoy. I would have liked to use bigger tomatoes but there isn’t a great selection of ripe ones this time of year.

This used 6 slices of regular center cut bacon. I thought about using the thick cut but with the way its laid out I wasn’t sure how well the center pieces would cook before the rest got too crispy.

I decide with a heartier bread than just plain white box bread. I wanted something that would hold up to all that bacon flavor.

 After the bacon was done cooking I had to trim the edges so it fit perfectly on the oval slice of bread. Okay I didn’t trim it. I bit them off. One the perks of cooking. So here it is. Ready to slice and eat. Or is it? What could I do to make make this better?

Yes! A fried egg on top makes everything better. The fried egg is the plus in BLT+


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