Jalapeno Poppers attempt number 2

My second attempt at these cheese filled poppers.

Same procedure as before except for this time I used gloves. This way I can take my contacts out without my eyes tearing up for 20 minutes after.


And yes this time I wrapped in bacon. It makes everything better.


Here they are waiting to get dipped in your favorite sauce. I made sure and got all the seeds out of them this time. Still hot but not crazy.


2 responses to “Jalapeno Poppers attempt number 2

  1. I make these also…wrapped in bacon. I place a little sharp cheddar in and cover out with seasoned cream cheese. So Yummie!

  2. Oh yeah, that will have to go in on attempt number three. Ive never baked them before. Frying them always made a mess. OOzing filling everywhere. So you mix the cheddar in with the cream cheese?

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