Steak T-Bone

Quick post on how to cook a steak indoors. I promise not to let you down.

I start off by salting the steak and placing it into the fridge overnight if you remember. This will not dry out the steak as many think. This helps draw out some of the water and gives it a more intense beef flavor. It works try it. Next take it out and allow it to come to room temperature. Pre heat your oven to 350. Add the seasoning you like. I usually just go with salt and pepper on a good piece of meat. No need to get fancy and over season. Yeah and a marinade before you cook is fine but be sure and pat it dry before cooking it or it wont brown. you’ll end up with an unappetizing grey outside.

Take an oven proof pan and get it real hot. Add a little oil the pan. It should start to smoke immediately. Quickly place the now room temp steak into the hot pan. You may want to have the range hood turned on for this part. It is going to put off a lot of smoke.  Sear both sides for a minute. This should give you a good crust on the steak. No place it into the oven and cook it to your desired temp. I usually go for medium rare. I cook it till it reaches about 120 then take it out and it will continue to cook a few more degrees. Let it sit for a 10 minutes before you cut into it. Let all the juices settle back in.

There you go. Seriously, let it sit for 10 minutes. You cut into this right away and it’ll release all the juices still moving around inside it.

See….minimal juice lost if you wait. Now go out preferably to your local butcher shop. They carry way better steaks than the local mega super mart.


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