Chicken in Sauce

This recipe is one i used and tweaked over time. Started off one way and ended up as the following. This is a super easy one and just a few minutes of prep and then let it cook.


I start by browning the chicken parts in the pot. I use to not do this but I like getting the crusty part on the chicken before fully cooking it. I cook it long enough to get the outside a nice golden brown color. I use bone in thigh meat for this. Breast meat just doesn’t seem to work so well. But if you are worried about eating healthier, use breasts but at least get the one with the bone.

Next take the browned chicken out and add in finely diced onions and peppers into the oil left in the pot. be sure and scrape up all those little bits O’ flavor on the bottom. Cook until they are softened.

Once the onions and peppers are cooked add the chicken back in along with some carrots and potatoes. The rest is the part that i changed till i found something that worked for me. I added one cup of your favorite ketchup and two of the small cans of V8. That is correct, V8. I used plain sauce in the past but found this gives it a good flavor.  Top it off with chicken stock, cover and cook until the carrots and potatoes are cooked through. Once they are mostly done I take the lid off, turn up the heat and let the sauce thicken some.

After it is cooked, I add frozen peas and stir them in. They only take a few minutes to warm up.

I eat it over rice. Tracey made the rice. She does a much better job than I do. I’ll ave to get her to do a guest post on how she makes it. So good you can eat it all by itself. The portion I put on the plate was strictly for the pic. In reality I actually piled on twice as much rice, chicken and veggies. I ate it all and may have even had a second medium-sized helping.




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