Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes

The photo from this recipe jumped out at me while I was sitting at my computer browsing through Pinterest. The link led me to a delicious looking food blog, “Life is Great: The Delicious Appreciations of Pick Yin.” After a quick trip to the grocery store, I had dinner assembled and in the oven! I wasn’t able to find chorizo, so I made the substitutions she suggested using Hillshire Farm beef sausage (smoked), and smoked paprika. I’m going to try my best to find chorizo for the next time I make this because I have a feeling it is a key ingredient. Nonetheless, this came together in no time and was still delicious and smelled amazing. I didn’t have a pan with high enough sides to make this in so for last night, I just bought one of those disposable ones.

Put some olive oil in the bottom of each pan and rub the chicken thighs in it (skin down), turn them over and season with salt and pepper. Arrange baby potatoes and sausage around the chicken.

Add onions to the pan, and sprinkle chicken with dried oregano, smoked paprika and orange zest.

I had a little less chicken than the recipe called for, so I divided up 4 pieces of chicken for each pan.

Arrange oven racks on the upper and lower thirds and preheat to 430 F. Cook one pan on the top rack and one on the bottom for the first 30 minutes. Take them out and swap them, basting the contents with the orange-colored juice at the bottom. Cook another 30 minutes and it’s done!

If you are like me and like lots of colors on your plate, serve with something green like broccoli. I love dinners like this that are yummy and can be thrown together quickly. I will definitely make this again. Oh, and guess what guys??? Everyone in my family liked it too!!! WINNER!

Though you can’t see it on MY plate, there may have been some cheese whiz drizzled over the broccoli on the kids plates. Don’t judge!!! At least they ate something green!

Download Full Recipe


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