Chicken with Herb-Roasted Tomatoes and Pan Sauce

So after weeks of putting this off and changing when I’d make it. I finally got around to it. I should have made this sooner. This was delicious. This recipe is from This is a follow-up to Erin’s cooking it. I didn’t deviate much from how she cooked hers.

Here are all the ingredients minus the parsley and tarragon. I did brine the chicken in salt solution as Erin always does. YES!! It did make a difference in the final dish.

Here are the tomatoes, herbes de Provence, oil, salt and pepper. I didn’t use cherry tomatoes. I used quartered vine ripened Campari tomatoes instead.

Throw the seasoned tomatoes into a pan with shimmering hot oil and into the oven it goes. Take it out after about 10 minutes and enjoy the smell of this. It smelled awesome already.

Nothing special to look at here. Just two perfectly cooked chicken breasts resting before being sliced. Move along to the next picture. It gets way better.

Finally done and ready to devour. My only complaint about cooking these dishes is the time it takes to prep compared to the actual eating time. With practice I’m guessing I could cook this more efficiently. I will definitely be making this one again.

I made this as a quick side dish. Head of romaine lettuce cut length wise. Apply plenty of olive oil, top with fresh grated Parmigiano and Romano cheese. Put it under the broiler till the leaves start to char and cheese is bubbly. It’s different . Hey you!! Quit making faces at my warm lettuce. Give it a try then decide.


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