The 9:30PM Meal

Having four kids, working , trying to get a work out in and all the other activities these entail make it hard to cook every night. Last nights meal was all about what I had in the fridge and pantry.

In the past id never consider using this stuff. Erin mentioned that she used it and I was a little shocked. What food type person would use this stuff? She told me that they actually gave this a good rating on “Americas Test Kitchen“. So I reluctantly tried the plain white rice. I liked it for use under a dish with some kind of sauce or something you can mix it with. As a plain side, I’m not into it. Last night I decided to try the brown rice. If you’ve ever cooked brown rice, you know it takes much longer than your plain white long grain varieties. This stuff took about 14 minutes total. The results were pretty good. I’ll be using it again when I’m in a rush. Just don’t tell my mom I used boil-in-bag rice.

I forgot this was in the fridge. This is the “Chicken with herb-roasted Tomatoes and Pan Sauce” I made last week. I took a quick taste. This taste even better after sitting for a few days in the fridge. I wasn’t sure if it was still safe to eat. Tasted okay and no funky smells. I like to live dangerously and today I’m happy to report no after effects.

And here it is. What luck!! I found the beer in the fridge too.  A quick Thursday night meal in 15 minutes. Where were the girls? They were all at chuck-e-cheese being kids.


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