Maillard Reaction

I’m sure any have seen this but never knew it is an actual chemical process. It is referred to as the Maillard Reaction. I decided to demonstrate with a strip steak and mushrooms.


Here we have two choice New York strips. Salted and left in the fridge for an entire day. Most people assume that this will dry the meat out. This is untrue. What it does do is pulls out some of the moisture out of the top layer and pulls out the proteins that will help form that crust when cooking it.

Here we have part two of my demonstration. These are plain white button mushrooms and the butter that makes everything taste better.

Start off by putting the butter in the pan to melt. Once the butter starts foaming, lay the mushrooms in the pan. Leave plenty of space between them or they will not brown and get all tasty and delicious. Cook them in batches if you have to. You wont be sorry with the results. After you brown them all. Put them all back in the pan. Add some pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce. and cook it down to nice sauce consistency.

Take the steaks and wick the moisture off with a paper towel. get the pan very hot and lay the steaks in. be sure and have that fan on cause it is going to spit oil everywhere and create lots of smoke. I cook them about 4-5 minutes on each side. This gives me a medium rare steak.  Use a thermometer to check for your preferred doneness. Really if cooking past medium, you may as well save your money and just get a less expensive cut of meat.

After cooking these, you are going to want to cut into it and taste it. DONT DO IT!! Just walk away and have a beer. That is what i did. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes. Let them reabsorbs all the juices.

Did I mention while cooking, while still in the pan. I added a few pats of butter and let it melt over the steak. So adding the smoked provolone and sautéed mushrooms just brings it to a whole other level.


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