Americas Test Kitchen Best Beef Stew

It’s that time of year. Stews and soups hit the spot. That probably works for the rest of the USA. It was about 80 here when i cooked this so not exactly autumn weather. This recipe is one I saw on “Cooks Country” episode. If you haven’t noticed. We are big on Americas Test Kitchen recipes. These go through trial and error to come up with the best way to cook them.

Nothing different really. These are most of the ingredients used. The meat I used was a round eye roast that I cut into cubes. The pre-cut stew meat sold in stores isn’t a great choice. You just don’t know what cuts you are getting. Most likely you are getting the scrap bits that are too small to use for anything else. If you are going to go through the trouble of cooking, why not use the best ingredients? There wasn’t a huge price difference either. The recipe called for frozen pearl onions but I was not able to find them. I bought these and boiled for three minutes then just squeezed them out of the husk after cutting the root part off. As always use a wine you’d drink. There was enough in the bottle to cook with and share a glass with a friend. Yeah I bet you are wondering what that little red tin is. It is anchovies. Turns out they help increase the beef flavor. they help add that umami taste to the stew. you can’t taste them at all after its cooked.

Remember to always be sure and brown the meat before. Dont crowd the pot or it will not brown. I cooked it in three batches to get the right seer on the cubes. All those little brown bits are flavor. That adds all sorts of savoryness (is that a word?) to the final product.

Here is the finished dish. The ingredients are staggered while cooking so they all come out perfectly cooked and not a big mushy mess like when it’s all thrown onto the pot at once. The peas were last to go in so they kept the bright green color and not a grey dead look.

I served it over egg noodles. Makes a little go a long way even though there are plenty of leftovers. The meat was just right potatoes cooked to where they just give when poked with a fork. Go ahead give it a try. Tell me what you think. did you follow the recipe word for word? or did you change it a little?


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