Beef Vegetable Soup

Finally a spare moment to post a few words and pics. Here’s a classic. Everyone has their own recipe. The one I started off with was Tracey’s Grandmothers recipe. The following is the recipe:

A good pound of stew meat or cubed beef (steak). Browned
1 can petite cut tomato.
2 can beef broth
Diced onion med to large
Diced or cut Celery
About three or four med potatoes. Do not put in soup until about an hour when its done. Simmer last hour with potatoes.
three or four carrots.
1 Can corn. Green beans. black beans. Small amount of peas
Add water to desired level.
Three or four beef bouillon cubes.
Bring to boil for a few minute’s and simmer a good hour or two.

Imageall the basic ingredients you’d expect to find .

ImageI used a round eye roast. If you get the stuff that is already cubed and cut for you, you cant be sure of what you are getting. More than likely its the tougher less desirable pieces. Only way to know is if you cut it yourself.


A little bit of oil and start browning the beef. When browning foods. Do not crowd the pieces. You’ll end up steaming the pieces instead of getting the brown tasty bits you are looking for.


This was a good amount of beef so I browned the pieces in batches. In the background you can see my secret ingredient. It makes everything taste better.


After a couple hours of simmering, here is the final dish. I changed a few things to my taste. As I said, everyone has their own version. I used the previous recipe but swapped and changed a few things. First I was selective about the beef. You’ll notice the difference in the final texture. A couple of the canned vegetables were swapped for frozen or fresh. I’m not a fan of canned green beans especially. I also like them still a little less done than the can provides. I added corn and frozen peas and swapped black beans for red kidney beans. All the vegetables were added in the second half of the cooking time. This keeps them from being over done. Really, add or take out what you like or don’t like.


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