Funeral Sandwiches

Tonight’s main dish was a simple one. It’s a recipe that Erin had good results and good reviews from her in house taste testers. I’m not sure why they are called funeral sandwiches.

20130723-195907.jpgThe prep is really easy and uses only a few ingredients that I think most of which are already in your kitchen. The Hawaiian rolls you can get in the deli section of your local megamart. Start to assemble the sandwiches using the ham, cheese and rolls.

20130723-200544.jpgAfter the sandwich is put together, pour and soak the sandwiches in the mixture that I will provide the ingredients for further down. Honestly it doesn’t look like its going to work with all the mixture soaking into the bread.

20130723-201225.jpgThinking about it, the ingredients in it would do little to leave too soggy. After a few minutes in the oven the tops get golden brown and delicious looking.

20130723-201919.jpgI also made made the oven baked potatoes. Another of of Erin’s suggestions. It all seemed to work and I got two out of three thumbs up. The third I think wasnt so into it since someone filled her with junk food (McDonalds).

Funeral Sandwiches
1 package of King’s Hawaiian Rolls
1/2-1 lb. good ham deli meat
Swiss cheese, thinly sliced
1/2 c. butter, melted
3 T. worcheshire sauce
2 T. mustard
2 T. brown sugar
dash of onion powder

1. Cut the rolls in half and line the bottom of a baking pan with the bottoms of the rolls. Layer the ham slices, then cheese and place the top half back on.

2. Mix together the butter, worcheshire, mustard, brown sugar and onion powder. Pour the whole works over the buns, drenching each one. Cover tightly and marinade anywhere from 4-24 hours.

3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake for 15 minutes,uncovered,or until cheese is melted and bun tops are a bit golden.

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