Steak Marsala

Chicken Marsala makes a regular appearance in our house. My wife and I both love it and as a bonus it gets a four kid approval. Last minute we were deciding on dinner and we agreed that we’d had enough chicken for the week. Decided to make a Marsala sauce for steak instead of for chicken. This was a team job. I handled cooking the steaks and Tracey did the sauce. We used the same recipe I used for the Chicken Marsala I posted a while back.

Top Round SteakI used top round steaks simply because this is what was in the freezer. Next time I’ll plan ahead and use a ribeye or filet instead. As always liberaly salt and pepper. Allow them to come to room temp. Cook on a hot pan. remember always add oil to the pan. Never heat it up to high with nothing in it. I cooked them to just a little before medium. Theyll cook a little longer when placed back into the sauce.

Marsala Sauce After taking the steak out you cook it using the previous recipe. one of the changes was to add a little bit of flour after cooking the shallots. Make sure you cook the flour all the way. You don’t want the taste of raw flour in the final dish. This will help thicken the sauce. In the original recipe using chicken, you dredge the chicken in flour before cooking it. Since I didn’t dredge the steaks in flour you will just added it to the sauce instead. cooking it with the oil and shallots also assures you dont get any clumps in the sauce also.

photo 3Once the sauce is prepped and ready, add the steaks back in and thoroughly heat the steaks. remember I took them out just before cooked to medium? This will finish them off to the perfect desired temp.

photo 4Finally we served it over a pile of whipped mash. Later on I’ll have to post the recipe for these potatoes.

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