Grand Marnier Souffle

I realize Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve have gone past without a single post! To update you, the Nealey family had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve. We celebrated on December 31st with 44 guests at our house and some amazing yummies that my friend Laura and I put together. I was terrible at documenting the evidence as usual but my time was spent talking and laughing and of course eating those said yummies. That’s the important thing.

I’m excited to share a recipe that I finally got around to making yesterday after it haunted me for weeks. My husband and I got to go on a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas after New Years (while my parents stayed with the kids! Yea!). The weather wasn’t great, and the seas were pretty choppy, but one thing I enjoyed immensely was the food (of course!). Once I got home, I searched online for this Grand Marnier Souffle I had on the last night. It was delicious! I will warn, although it’s easy, it’s not something you whip up in a hurry. If you’re willing to spend a little time, it’s well worth the effort! One bit of advice before you begin, in order to make the process go a bit more smoothly, I would suggest separating your eggs first, before you start preparing anything else. That way, they are ready to go when the time comes to add them. Some people have to learn those lessons the hard way. I have a bad habit of jumping into a recipe without reading the whole thing first.

Here are some photos of the Carnival version…



Here are the ones I made! Not too bad… and they tasted EXACTLY like the ones on the cruise.



The recipe says that you could use vanilla extract in place of the vanilla bean, but I personally would advise against it. The little black flecks are so pretty in the creme anglaise that goes over top. This dessert light and eggy and fluffy and delicious! Hope you enjoy. Follow the link below for the full recipe and instructions.



Download Full Recipe


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